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Ocean Shores Seafood: Dungeness Crab

When traveling to Ocean Shores, WA there are a few things you should do by our ocean shore resort!. Check out the ocean views, take in the charming town, and eat fantastic food. Crab season begins in mid-November and runs through June depending on the location. However, a significant portion of the local Dungeness Crab is brought in December. The Dungeness Crab is a local favorite and will become your favorite as well! This winter enjoy the biggest, sweetest, and freshest crab before the season is over!


The Dungeness crab is a species of crab that inhabits eelgrass beds and the bottom of the water on the west coast. The carapace usually grows to 20 centimeters in width but may reach 25 centimeters in some areas off the coast of Washington. Dungeness crabs have a long, wide and hard shell, which they must periodically molt to grow. They have five pairs of legs, with the leading pair of legs having claws at the end. The crab uses the claws both as defense and to tear apart large food items. Using its claws, the Dungeness crab can bury itself completely in the sand if threatened and this is usually where you will catch the crab.

Dungeness crabs are a favorite delicacy and are the most commercially valuable crab in the Pacific Northwest. The flesh has a delicate flavor and a slightly sweet taste. One-quarter of the Dungeness crab’s weight is meat and can be boiled to be eaten. The whole body is thrown into the water and then prepped for eating. There are two standard tools for removing the meat from the crab, and those are crab crackers and a shrimp fork. Sometimes, a mallet is used for cracking the shell, but that is not recommended as the integrity of the meat may be compromised when breaking the crab.

When you travel to Ocean Shores, WA we recommend that you try out the local restaurants and indulge in this delicious crab. It is not something you can get anywhere and is popular in Washington, so make sure you make a point to try it out. At The Grey Gull, we are close to all that the charming town of Ocean Shores has to offer. From the delicious restaurants to the fun local shops, you will find plenty to do. You can even try to cook crap at your condo at our ocean shore resort! This winter try something new and indulge in everything Ocean Shores, WA has to offer.

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