Take a step back from a potentially stressful holiday season and gift your loved ones a little something special. Celebrate the spirit of the season with a holiday getaway to The Grey Gull. Our Ocean Shores resort will grant you that relaxing, intimate vacation you deserve. While a holiday away from home may feel a little unorthodox at first, we’ve assembled a list of reasons that you may want to consider spending the season at our Ocean Shores beachfront hotel. 

1. Establish New Traditions at Our Ocean Shores Resort

While many people hold holiday traditions close to their heart, this year might be the time to shake things up a bit. Gift your loved ones a West Coast getaway at The Grey Gull. Our intimate accommodations with an ocean view provide a relaxing environment where you can enjoy the holidays minus the stress of hosting or cleaning. Plus, many of our suites and rooms come with fully-equipped kitchenettes or kitchens so that you can still cook those classic holiday treats. 

2. Take Advantage of Work Holidays

Take advantage of work holidays and turn them into a well-deserved Ocean Shores getaway. Sometimes trying to save all of your PTO days for an extended vacation can be stressful. Generally, most businesses are slow during the last week of December, so it’s the perfect opportunity to spend time with loved ones at an exciting new location on the Pacific Coast. Plus, you can always elongate your stay by tacking on a few PTO days to the beginning or end of your holiday. 

3. Discover all of the Fun Things to Do in Ocean Shores

Just because it’s the winter season doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beach. Bundle up (the temperature rarely dips below freezing), grab a hot beverage from a local barista, and explore the beautiful ocean shoreline and the North Jetty. Challenge family and friends to competitive go-kart expedition, or if it’s warm enough, consider a moped rental and cruise along the shoreline. Spend the evenings in your cozy temporary abode with a few board games or a rousing round of charades. 

Book Your Holiday Ocean Shores Getaway 

Holiday travel doesn’t have to be stressful, especially when your destination is our Ocean Shores resort. Gift your loved ones a getaway at The Grey Gull, where you’re bound to make several, lifelong memories. Our comfortable accommodations are perfect for groups of nearly every size—from a couple’s retreat to familial getaways. Take advantage of our special offers to get some fantastic deals on your holiday vacation. For more information on things to do in Ocean Shores, WA, in the winter or make a reservation, please give us a call at 360-289-3381. Our resourceful staff is happy to help.