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1706, 2020

Discover the Best Places to Kayak near Ocean Shores, WA

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There’s no place quite like Ocean Shores in the late summer. The warmest days of the year at our delightful peninsula harbor several outdoor adventures, from hiking and biking to swimming and boating. There are so many things to do in Ocean Shores this summer while you’re staying at The Grey Gull, it might be challenging to choose. Consider renting a kayak at Ocean Shores, WA, and discovering the best waterways in the area. 

605, 2020

Best Beaches in Washington near Ocean Shores

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You’ll definitely want to check out some of the best beaches in Washington when you’re staying on the Pacific Coast at The Grey Gull. Luckily for you, the ideal location of our Ocean Shores, WA, hotel places you near several marvelous beaches. Whether you’re looking for a romantic walk on the beach, a sandy campfire, to dip your toes in the water, or to watch the natural wildlife, you’ll find what you seek at some of the best beaches in Washington. Damon Point While it may not be the stereotypical beach experience you had in mind, you should still give

904, 2020

Spend a Day Trip Whale Watching in Washington State

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Washington State harbors so much natural beauty. From luscious, green forestry to stunning ocean views, it’s every nature lover’s dream. While you’re vacationing along the Pacific Coast at The Grey Gull, it only makes sense you get the full scope of the opportunities surrounding you and go whale watching in Washington.  Ocean Sport Fishing Take your family on an exciting Washington whale watching tour with Ocean Sport Fishing. Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to see these gorgeous creatures in their natural habitat. With any luck, you’ll witness whales teaching their young to breach, catching a tasty snack, or maybe

2703, 2020

Is There a Kite Festival Near Me?

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Of all things to do in Ocean Shores, kite flying is loved by visitors and locals of all ages. Colorful kites of all shapes and sizes swirl through the blue sky above the beach in Ocean Shores, WA. However, those who are especially passionate about kite flying in Ocean Shores will surely ask The Grey Gull’s staff if there is a kite festival “near me?” Once known as Ocean Shores Kite Festival, the Grays Harbor Festival of Colors is located at a new spot off of Damon Road. The new hosts of the Festival of Colors worked tirelessly to keep the local tradition up and running.

2402, 2020

Roll Around Ocean Shores on Beach Bike Rentals

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When vacationing in Ocean Shores, Washington, you’ll be charmed by every picturesque outlook. There are roughly 8.52 square miles of land for you to explore that offer sandy Washington beaches, recreational parks, and endless entertainment. Fortunately, Ocean Shores’ beach bike rentals make it feasible for you to take in every spot! When it comes to cycling, our team here at The Grey Gull knows the lay of the land. We know the best beach bike rentals “near me,” the must-see local attractions, and the easiest bike paths to travel. So, you aren’t sure where to begin planning your cycling affair? Start with

2101, 2020

Essential Guide to Ocean Shores’ Shops  

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No matter your interests or budget, every visitor has something they enjoy shopping for. Perhaps you’re an avid biker, fashionista, art guru, or even a little kid at heart; you’ll find that the wide variety of Ocean Shores’ shops will have a store meant for you! Treat your family to a day of Ocean Shores’ shopping while staying at The Grey Gull. You’ll be shocked by the treasures you’ll find.  Fusion Art Gallery Location: 834 Point Brown Ave. NE Hours: 10 am - 6 pm The five-star art gallery, Fusion Art Gallery, boasts endless art created by 97 locals. The