There’s no place quite like Ocean Shores in the late summer. The warmest days of the year at our delightful peninsula harbor several outdoor adventures, from hiking and biking to swimming and boating. There are so many things to do in Ocean Shores this summer while you’re staying at The Grey Gull, it might be challenging to choose. Consider renting a kayak at Ocean Shores, WA, and discovering the best waterways in the area. 

Where to Get Your Sea Kayak Rental

Kayaking is a fun activity the whole family can enjoy. If you’ve never kayaked before, look up a short tutorial, and head for the water. Not only is paddling easy to pick up, but it’s also an activity you learn by doing. You’re bound to feel a satisfying sense of accomplishment as you go from kayaking novice to paddling circles around Duck Lake within a few hours. Ocean Shores Boat House is where you’ll want to go if you don’t have a kayak handy. Once you have a paddle in hand, set to sea at any number of Ocean Shores’ marvelous waterways.

Best Places to Kayak at Ocean Shores, WA

Choosing where to start and go are possibly the most difficult aspect of this Oceans Shores, WA, kayak outing, if only because there are so many options. Ocean Shores Boat House features a comprehensive map of the local waterways on the peninsula. There are nearly 23 miles of scenic canals, which were built during the 1960s. These man-made waterways interconnect and are perfect for paddlers of all experience levels. Whether you launch your kayak from Duck Lake or North Bay Park, you’re sure to find peace on our tranquil waters, discover local wildlife, and fall in love with kayaking.

Your Ideal Ocean Shores, WA, Hotel

Our Ocean Shores resort offers oceanside views, comfortable lodging, and easy access to the wondrous Washington wilderness. If you have questions regarding kayaking at Ocean Shores, WA, or would like to make a reservation, please give us a call at 360-289-3381. Our helpful staff is happy to assist you.