You would never believe how many times a month tourists ask The Grey Gull staff, “Are there any golf courses near me?” Time and time again we share the same luxurious course: Ocean Shores Golf Course. Guests of all skill levels come back from their day on the tees, fairways, and greens with a smile on their face. We’re confident that both golf enthusiasts, and recruited caddies, will thoroughly enjoy themselves at the Ocean Shores Golf Course. After visiting this ocean-side gem, you’ll never have to ask, “Are there any golf courses near me?” again! 

Ocean Shores Golf Course 

Ocean Shores Golf Course boasts a tough, yet enjoyable design. Some days, the Ocean Shores’ weather doesn’t work in your favor. The 6,252-yard golf course is no stranger to dense ocean air and significant winds. These conditions can tack on a decent amount of time to your game. Plan your visit accordingly, as the course is a par 71. The course also presents its own set of challenges. Parts of the course are very open, comparable to a links-style course, and others are difficult because of the narrow, wooded areas. If you scheduled your Ocean Shores vacation during the winter months, don’t you dare consider canceling your golf plans. The luxurious course offers adequate drainage during the winter, especially at the front nine.

The Grey Gull Resort

Ocean Shores Golf Course is second to none, but if your heart sank hearing your friend ask “are there any golf courses near me?” boy oh boy, do we have a secret for you! The Ocean Shores Golf Course has a modern clubhouse for you to enjoy a refreshing beer or a glass of wine, while your friend is in the “zone.” Hopefully, after reading this blog, you won’t find yourself searching for “golf courses near me” the rest of your Ocean Shores, Washington, vacation! After all, there are countless things to do in Ocean Shores that are a short distance away from The Grey Gull Resort. To learn more about our charming resort, visit our website, or just give us a call! Our number is 360-289-3381.