Winter brings a peaceful quietness to the Grey Gull, making us the perfect cozy winter getaway spot. Our ocean shore resort offers a unique romantic retreat along with numerous other things to do in Ocean Shores. As you plan your New Year’s trip avoid the crowds of big cities and come enjoy watching the waves break over the rocks of the North Jetty, and other fun activities in our charming little town.

Sharing Town with Furry Friends

As you stroll through town, looking for fun things to do in Ocean Shores keep an eye out for deer. No, Santa didn’t leave his reindeer here, these are their cousins who love the ocean as much as you and I do. Deer are everywhere in Ocean Shores, WA, however, with the rapid development, they are losing their homes. They now live close to town, which caused the city to put in place wildlife preservation areas to help them survive. Throughout winter, the spring fawns are all grown-up, doubling the numbers and making you feel like there are more deer than people in town!

Things to do in Ocean Shores

When it comes to relaxing, Ocean Shores knows how it’s done! However, quiet is different than boring; there are plenty of things to do in Ocean Shores. From shopping to relaxing, you’ll find a plethora of adventures throughout town. Don’t miss out on sweet treats from Buddy and Howie’s Candy, or find vintage treasures from the various antique shops. If you’re looking to start this new year refreshed and renewed, make sure to check in at Namaste. Their Licensed Massage Practitioner, Tammy Delu, provides a variety of techniques and healing through therapeutic touch. After a rejuvenating time at Namaste, you’ll enjoy the best night of sleep at the Grey Gull. Book your New Year’s getaway today, to enjoy all the fun things to do in Ocean Shores!