Of all things to do in Ocean Shores, kite flying is loved by visitors and locals of all ages. Colorful kites of all shapes and sizes swirl through the blue sky above the beach in Ocean Shores, WA. However, those who are especially passionate about kite flying in Ocean Shores will surely ask The Grey Gull’s staff if there is a kite festival “near me?” Once known as Ocean Shores Kite Festival, the Grays Harbor Festival of Colors is located at a new spot off of Damon Road. The new hosts of the Festival of Colors worked tirelessly to keep the local tradition up and running. Thirty sponsors and several schedule adjustments later, the festival is prepared to soar to greater heights than ever before! See the excitement for yourself during your time at the kite festival in Washington.

Grays Harbor Festival of Colors

The Grays Harbor Festival of Colors is planning new activities for visitors to try, such as an illuminated kite night fly. This event is scheduled to happen on the beach during Friday’s nightfall. To light up the sky, LED-lined rope and glow sticks are attached to various shaped kites. The glowing kites will appear to be flying objects against the darkened sky. If you aren’t able to catch this activity, no worries. There are plenty of other exciting activities to choose from, such as the examples listed below. 

The kite festival in Washington displays decorative kites, some of which are over 100 feet long, on the beach for all to judge. At the end of the festival, the decorative kites’ fliers compete to earn the inaugural People’s Choice Award. 

Competitive Kite Flying

Another affair you can’t miss is the competitive kite flying festival show. Competitors fly two-line and quad-line sport kites to showcase their beauty. There are individual and team categories to watch as they compete. During the kite festival in 2020, One India Kite Team traveled 7,000 miles to participate in the Festival of Colors. There were also several teams representing Canada during the competition. 

If your family enjoys keeping active, “Running of the Bols” is the perfect activity for your children. Participants are divided into age-based categories and partnered into groups of six to eight people. A large circular kite is tied to their feet, but once the noise sounds, participants run until the kite is 12-15 feet in the air. Whichever team finishes the race first will win a custom-made delta kite. 

The Grey Gull

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