The ocean is full of spectacular things that live below the surface. Mysterious and wonderful, people have always had a fascination with what lies beneath the waves. When you stay with us at The Grey Gull, get a closer look at some of the ocean’s most interesting residents with a tidepooling adventure in Ocean Shores WA.

What is Tidepooling?

Ocean Shores WAWhen the low tide carries water back out to sea, it leaves a few interesting stragglers behind in pooled water. Typically found in rocky areas, sea urchins, starfish, crabs, and other ocean dwelling critters can be found in the pools of water that remain on shore. Many areas along the coastline house these tiny ocean pools and create the perfect opportunity for people to get a closer look at sea life. When you arrive at the tidepooling areas, there may be signs identifying the species most frequently spotted or a ranger office with info so that you can peer into the water and experience one of nature’s scavenger hunts. When tidepooling, it is recommended to not touch the sea life as not to disturb them. It’s also important to always walk on the sand, because even though rocks often appear like they just have a rough coating over them, but that coating is actually living creatures like sponges, barnacles, and mussels. To keep these areas protected so that they can thrive, simply respect these wonderful critters and their habitat so that people can enjoy the same experience for years to come.

A Fun Day of Discovery

Washington has over 3,000 miles of coastline, and here in Ocean Shores, we have one of the best beaches to explore that also offers excellent opportunities for tidepooling just down the way from your accommodations. The North Jetty provides phenomenal views of the ocean and bay area as well as the occasional shipwreck that you can see from shore during low tides. You can wander out into the rocky areas and peer into the pools of water left behind to see what kind of sea life is hiding in the shallows. Damon Point also offers tidepooling experiences only a few minutes away.

Ocean Shores WAIf you want to take a longer trip, there are three different beaches to our north that are ideal day trip destinations. There are two beach areas just under an hour and a half drive from The Grey Gull. Kalaloch Beach 4 and Ruby Beach are both in the same closeby area north of Ocean Shores WA. You can easily make the drive up and discover two beaches in one exciting adventure. If you want to venture out even further, LaPush Beach is another fantastic stop that is about two and a half hours north of your accommodations. Enjoy a scenic drive and explore the beautiful Pacific Coast along the way!

Your Ocean Shores Experience

When you stay with us at The Grey Gull, you will be able to enjoy beautiful ocean views from your accommodations, nearby things to do in Ocean Shores WA, and plenty of fantastic experiences along the coast. Embark on an unforgettable adventure to our beautiful coastal town and discover the wonder of tidepooling during your stay. Bring along your camera and snap a few photos during your journey, because you will want to look back on this excursion for years to come. The Pacific Coast is waiting. Are you ready to explore its shores?