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Starting July 8th, SR 109 at milepost 4.4 will close around the clock. The highway will close between Bay Ridge Lane and Valley Road. The roadway close to all travelers for approximately 21 days. 

After the first road closure is completed, SR 109 at milepost 6.9 will close around the clock for approximately 33 consecutive days. The highway will close to all traffic between Kessler Lane and Rock View Lane. 

Travelers will detour via US 101, Ocean Beach Road, Grass Creek Road, and Powell Road. 

Travelers can expect about 20-minutes to use the 12-mile detour route between Hoquiam and SR 109.

These road closures are to remove fish barriers for better fish migration and in turn create healthier waterways that flow under the state highway.

Don’t forget to check the road conditions before you travel!


What to Stop & See on your Road Trip

From Seattle:

  1. Olympia

    • Capitol Building: Visit the Washington State Capitol and enjoy its beautiful architecture and gardens.

  2. Lake Sylvia State Park (Montesano)

    • Enjoy hiking, fishing, and picnicking in this peaceful park with a scenic lake.

  3. Schafer State Park (Elma)

    • Explore this rustic park with its lovely river views, trails, and picnic areas.

  4. Aberdeen

    • Kurt Cobain Memorial Park: Visit this small park dedicated to the Nirvana frontman, who was born in Aberdeen.

  5. Westport

    • Westport Light State Park: Walk the trails, visit the lighthouse, and enjoy stunning ocean views.

From Portland:

  1. Chehalis

    • Veterans Memorial Museum: Discover military history through various exhibits and artifacts.

  2. Lewis and Clark State Park (Winlock)

    • Hike among old-growth trees and enjoy the lush forest setting.

  3. Millersylvania State Park (Olympia)

    • A great spot for swimming, kayaking, hiking, and picnicking with beautiful lake views.

  4. Tenino

    • Tenino Quarry Pool: A unique swimming hole created from a repurposed sandstone quarry.

  5. Raymond

    • Wildlife Heritage Sculpture Corridor: Drive through Raymond and see various wildlife sculptures along the road.

Common Stops:

  1. Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge (Hoquiam)

    • Ideal for birdwatching and walking the boardwalk trails to see a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat.

  2. Ocean Shores

    • Damon Point: Walk this scenic peninsula and enjoy beachcombing and wildlife viewing.

    • North Jetty: Watch the waves crash against the rocks and enjoy the ocean views.

What to do when your Stuck in Traffic


  • Listen to Audiobooks/Podcasts:Choose a favorite book or an interesting podcast to pass the time.

  • Play Word Games: Engage in word games like 20 Questions, I Spy, or word association games.


  • Plan Your Trip: Use the time to finalize travel plans or look up interesting places to visit at your destination.


  • I Spy: Classic game where players spot objects of a certain color or shape.

  • Storytelling: Take turns creating a story, with each person adding a sentence or two.

  • Snack Time: Prepare fun, easy-to-eat snacks that can be a special treat during traffic.


  • Alphabet Game: Find something that starts with each letter of the alphabet in order.

  • Jokes and Riddles: Take turns telling jokes or posing riddles to each other.

  • Memory Game: "I went to the store and bought…" where each person adds an item and repeats the list.

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