When vacationing in Ocean Shores, Washington, you’ll be charmed by every picturesque outlook. There are roughly 8.52 square miles of land for you to explore that offer sandy Washington beaches, recreational parks, and endless entertainment. Fortunately, Ocean Shores’ beach bike rentals make it feasible for you to take in every spot! When it comes to cycling, our team here at The Grey Gull knows the lay of the land. We know the best beach bike rentals “near me,” the must-see local attractions, and the easiest bike paths to travel. So, you aren’t sure where to begin planning your cycling affair? Start with our favorite bike rental in Ocean Shores.

Are There Any Beach Bike Rentals Near Me?

There most definitely are beach bike rentals “near me!” Electric Beach Bike Rentals is making its grand return after a tragic fire tore through their shop in 2019. Starting in March 2020, their Ocean Shores beach bike rentals are better than ever before. Visitors can rent fat-tire bikes and motorized bikes to use on the beach or several nearby trails. Rental rates vary per bike, but you can anticipate paying anywhere between $10 – $40 per hour. 

Ocean Shores Moped Rentals

Fasten your helmet; it’s time to ride a moped rental through Ocean Shores! Affordable Mopeds has one of the best deals in Ocean Shores. For one reasonable price, you’ll get a moped rental, helmet, gloves, and even a hair tie! Don’t panic if you’ve never ridden a moped before—the Affordable Mopeds team will give each guest a crash course on how to ride a moped. While driving a motorized vehicle in an unfamiliar town may seem intimidating, Affordable Mopeds ensures all guests will feel comfortable before exploring Ocean Shores. 

The Grey Gull

Ocean Shores Beach Bike Rentals

After you’ve finished cycling the area, consider trying one of the Grey Gull team’s other favorite Ocean Shores’ activities. With warmer days just around the corner, there’s no better time to experience Ocean Shores’ shops, Ocean City State Park, and Ocean Shores Razor Clam Festival. Believe us when we say you don’t want to miss Ocean Shores during spring! To learn more information about Ocean Shores beach bike rentals and other fun near The Grey Gull, give us a call today at 360-289-3381.