Washington State harbors so much natural beauty. From luscious, green forestry to stunning ocean views, it’s every nature lover’s dream. While you’re vacationing along the Pacific Coast at The Grey Gull, it only makes sense you get the full scope of the opportunities surrounding you and go whale watching in Washington. 

Ocean Sport Fishing

Take your family on an exciting Washington whale watching tour with Ocean Sport Fishing. Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to see these gorgeous creatures in their natural habitat. With any luck, you’ll witness whales teaching their young to breach, catching a tasty snack, or maybe even finding their mate! 

Seattle Orca Whale Watching

While it’s a little out of the way, booking with Seattle Orca Whale Watching is totally worth the drive. Spend three to four hours out on the ocean to view wild orca whales in their natural habitat. After your fantastic cruise around San Juan Island, you’ll be able to tell friends and family that you met Willy in “person!” 

Puget Sound Express

Whale watching near Puget Sound, WASee humpback, orcas, minke, and grey whales living their best life when you book a tour with Puget Sound Express. They offer comfortable seating, food, and a guaranteed whale sighting experience. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this marvelous marine menagerie. 

Your WA Day Trip Starts Here

Your Ocean Shores, WA, hotel, The Grey Gull, has so much to offer: Ocean views, easy access to various nature escapes, and it’s a simple, scenic drive away from Puget Sound. Whale watching in Washington State never looked so good or possible. Whether you’re specifically hoping for an orca whale watching tour or you’re searching those ocean waves for any marine life, The Grey Gull is within driving distance of several Washington whale watching opportunities. For more information about the nearby whale-watching scene, or to book a reservation, please send us an email at [email protected].