You forgot to change your clocks a few weeks ago; it’s okay, we may have too! That isn’t stopping us here one of the best Ocean Shores WA hotels, The Grey Gull; we’ve got everything you need to spring forward into the most magnificent springtime vacation of the year. Here are three enjoyable activities you’ll want to experience when you’re here along Washington’s stunning Pacific Coast.

Damon Point

Ready to see some incredible animals and walk the shoreline, Damon Point is where you’ll want to be! Noted as one of the best locations in Ocean Shores for spotting wildlife, don’t forget to bring binoculars and a field guide with to help you identify any of the animals you see!

Kite Flying at the Beach

Spring brings some winds that make for a perfect day of kite flying at the beach! While you might not want to get into your swimsuit just yet as it’s still a little chilly, you can enjoy a day at the beach, kite in hand! Pick a colorful option or one that is shaped, there are lots of kites to choose when you visit Ocean Shores Kites!

Ocean Shores Kites

Phone: 360.289.4103

Location 1: 172 W. Chance A La Mer Blvd.

Location 2: 759 Pt. Brown Ave #C

Explore the City by Bike

If you want to get our beyond the comfort of one of the best Ocean Shores WA hotels, we suggest you stop by Electric Beach Bike Rentals and rent a motorized bike to explore the city! We also recommend that you swing by Point Brown Ave. while biking, where you can shop the local boutiques, vintage stores, and other unique shops in town!

Electric Beach Bike Rentals

Phone: 360-593-7441

Location: 172 W Chance a la Mer NW


However, you plan to enjoy your trip to Ocean Shores makes sure you’re staying at one of leading Ocean Shores WA hotels, The Grey Gull! Our beautiful property will get you in cozy accommodations where you’ll be ready to adventure throughout our stunning coastal city with easy this spring season!