Spring Travel In Washington

Spring is right around the corner and that means it is time to get outside and see what Mother Nature has to offer. But what comes with spring is rain. With so many things to do in Ocean Shores WA outside just as much can be done inside in the local businesses. At The Grey Gull, we pride ourselves on being a part of the town and supporting the local shops. We are close by so getting out on the town is easy and something we suggest everyone does.


Coastal Interpretive Center

It is important to get an idea of where you are. The interpretive center is the perfect place to get info about the beginning of Ocean Shores. They will help educate you on the history of town but also the wildlife. It doesn’t take long to go thru but you get a ton of interesting information including a local wildlife display.


Buddy and Howie’s Candy

A blast from the past candy store is the perfect place to bring the family when staying in Ocean Shores WA. They have almost every kind of candy from old fashion candy to new creations. Buddy and Howie’s Candy has the best rock candy, tootsie rolls, jawbreakers, chocolate, and everything you can image and don’t forget to get their homemade fudge.


Fusions Gallery

The gallery has different media of art. Featuring stain glass, jewelry, photography, ceramics, paintings, and more all done by local artists. Fusion Gallery is a small shop but has a huge variety of art with different themes. Visit Fusion Gallery just to look around or to purchase some local art.


Elk Head Brewery

Elk Head brewing is a small brewery with great beer and even better locals. It is a fun place to relax and hangout with great d├ęcor and a great bartender. All beers are brewed locally with 10 to 12 on tap. Grab a brew and some hot nuts and spend some time at Elk Head Brewery.

These are so many things to do in Ocean Shores WA and these are just a few of the amazing shops we have in town. Also enjoy bowling, seeing a movie, restaurants, and more. At The Grey Gull, we want everyone to experience our town and everything it has to offer. Check out how The Grey Gull can help you plan your next spring vacation in Ocean Shores Washington.