Summer Photoshoot In Ocean Shores WA

Summer is a great time to grab your camera and go to Ocean Shores, WA. With so many things to do in Ocean Shores WA, there will be plenty of opportunities to capture the perfect photo. At The Grey Gull, we want to make sure you have the time and energy to get out and create your art. Our condo units offer a unique and charming stay with gas fireplaces, fully equipped kitchens, and ocean or pool views, perfect for you to be creative and have a place to rest.

Ocean Shores offers amazing landscape for photography. With ocean shorelines, forests, and a cute town, you will love spending the time working on capturing the perfect photo. At The Grey Gull, we have a fantastic location for you to venture out and take pictures. Close to town and ocean, you will not have to travel far to capture an excellent image.

Whether you bring your phone, a DSLR, a smaller digital camera, or a polaroid, you will create a beautiful photo when you visit Ocean Shores, WA. With any camera knowing how to use it, is essential. Before heading our way, get comfortable with handling your camera. Read the manual on how to adjust exposure and settings. Doing this will guarantee you get the shot you are looking for.


Find Your Style

Decide what type of style interest you, landscape or portrait. This way you can know what kind of camera to bring or what you want to focus on. If you are focused on Landscape, bring a camera with a few lenses or one that has a great zooming feature. If you are trying to capture a wave close up but without getting wet bring a large lens to capture the far away moments. If portraits are more up your avenue, bring a camera that has an action setting. This way you can catch your family and friends experiencing all the things to do in Ocean Shores, WA.

After a fun day of shooting, relax and look over you photos at The Grey Gull. Cozy up to the fireplace or relax by the pool and take the time to review your pictures. When making edits to your photos make sure you caption them. That way you know where you were, what you were doing, and who you were with. This will be helpful if you decide to post them to a blog or are reminiscing about your trip in the future. At The Grey Gull, we will make sure you have space and the comfort to discover an amazing photo, and we cannot wait to see what you create!