Treat friends and family to a private bonding experience on the plethora of waterways around The Grey Gull. Whether you prefer to paddle or motor your way across rivers, streams, and lakes, there are plenty of boat rentals in Washington State to choose from near our resort in Ocean Shores. Spend an unforgettable day with loved ones, explore our quaint, oceanside city, and view some spectacular fall colors. 

Choose the Best Boat Rental in Washington State for You

If you’re looking for things to do in Ocean Shores, head to the Ocean Shores Boat House to kickstart your aquatic adventure. First thing’s first: picking the boat rental in Washington State that best suits your needs. 

  • Duffy boats are excellent for groups of family and friends. They’re an electric vessel that’s quiet and reliable, perfect for a tranquil day on the water with friends and family. 
  • Hydrobikes combine fun and fitness into one unique device. Hydrobikes work well for those who don’t want to paddle but still want some independence during their waterway explorations. 
  • Sea Eagle SUPs are an increasingly popular choice for those seeking a leisurely paddle around Ocean Shores. 
  • Sea Eagle Kayaks benefit from a sleek design that’ll have you gliding across the various canals and lakes in no time.

Once you’ve chosen your desired vessel (or vessels), you have over 23 miles of intertwining, fresh waterways to explore. The various canals and lakes near our Ocean Shores beachfront hotel remain relatively calm, making them perfect for kids and paddlers of all ages and skill levels. Launch your rentals from Duck Lake and embark on an aquatic Ocean Shores day trip. Keep an eye out for local waterfowl while taking in the tranquil scenery and lush forestry. 

Your Ideal Ocean Shore Getaway Starts with The Grey Gull

Your ideal boat rental in Washington State awaits just four miles away from The Grey Gull. Our assortment homey accommodations suit groups of nearly every size, providing a cozy and intimate living space with oceanside views. We even provide seasonal special offers so that you can get the most out of your autumnal trip. For more information on our cozy lodgings, please give us a call at 369-289-3381.