A Trip For You At The Grey Gull

Let’s make your vacation different this time. Do you ever come back from a trip thinking you need a vacation? Because even though you have taken time off to travel and have fun, you keep busy and never take a chance to rest. This time instead of planning a vacation full of activities, get away to relax and refresh at our ocean shore resort. Stay in and relax or get out and treat yourself. At The Grey Gull, we offer the perfect location for you to hide away and enjoy a trip just for you.


You Time

Take it day by day. Do not set the alarm every morning, put the clock and the phone in the drawer and let yourself sleep in. Take a nap in the middle of the day or stay in your robe and watch a movie. Get rid of all reminders that pop up during the day such as emails, text messages, and telemarketers. Eliminating these reminders will help you to relax and take away the stressors of daily life. Let yourself lead the day, not on a schedule. If you feel like going shopping, go. If you want to sleep during the day and go out at night, do it! This is a time for you and you alone.



Now that you have found time for yourself treat yourself. Go out to dinner every night and get that dish that your family hates but you love. Better yet, indulge in some dessert or a few! Grab that book on the shelf that you have been meaning to finish and set yourself by the ocean and crack it open. Get cozy by the fireplace and enjoy a glass of wine in your condo unit at our ocean shore resort. The Grey Gull offers 37 unique and charming condominiums featuring gas fireplaces, fully equipped kitchens, and ocean or pool views. Once you arrive, you will feel the peace and serenity that the ocean creates. A short walk away you will enjoy everything that Ocean Shores has to offer. Spend the day shopping, walking the beach, or at a spa. Your vacation should be filled with the things you want to do.


The Grey Gull provides the comfort and space you deserve. There is no better time to take a break. With the expectations we set on ourselves, we build up a lot of stress. So getaway to Ocean Shores WA for a vacation that you deserve. Grab your suitcase, throw in your favorite outfit and join us for some relaxation at our ocean shore resort.