Imagine the salty ocean breeze brushing your cheeks as you feel the shifting of the saddle beneath you. The plodding of hooves on the sand and the deep breaths of your horses is all you can hear besides the waves rushing to shore. When you are wondering what to do in Ocean Shores during your stay at The Grey Gull, saddle up and discover horseback riding on the Washington coast!

Horse Rentals Near Me

If you are trying to figure out what to do in Ocean Shores and decide you want to experience horseback riding on the beach, you won’t have to search for “horse rentals near me” to find a great organization to take you out for a ride. Chenois Creek Horse Rentals is a fantastic local business with horses that are ready to head out on a unique beachgoing excursion. Honey Pearl Ranch also offers horseback riding along the Washington Coast with gentle horses and experienced handlers that will lead you on a fun journey that you will remember forever.

Tips for the Best Horseback Riding Experience

Horseback riding is a fun and unique way to see different regions, and many of the horses used for these outings are well-trained and gentle-minded. However, for the best riding experience, there are a few tips for having the most worry-free and successful trip out.

  • Wear boots or shoes with a heel and long pants (preferably jeans) to protect your legs and feet from the saddle and any brush that you may wander through.
  • Remain calm. Horses are flight animals, and though these gentle giants are well-seasoned, loud noises like shouting or being extremely nervous in the saddle could make them uneasy. Remain calm and enjoy a peaceful ride, What to do in Ocean Shoresand if you have any concerns or something seems off, simply let your guide know, and they can take care of it so that you can relax.  
  • Posture is important. Though it’s easy to balance in the saddle at a walk, there are a few good things to keep in mind with your posture while riding a horse. Sit tall so that you don’t strain your back muscles and keep your heels down in the stirrups with your feet slightly forward. This will keep you centered in the saddle and allow you more stability when your horse stops.

When you set out for a ride, your guides will be able to pair you with your horse and will help you with everything you need for the best time possible. Follow these three helpful tips and any pointers that your guide may suggest, and relax as your horse companion carries you across the sand for an unforgettable adventure.

Discover Ocean Shores WA from a Saddle

During your stay at The Grey Gull, the beautiful ocean waters are only a hop and a skip away. So whether you choose to search, “horse rentals near me,” or choose one the two suggested riding organizations aforementioned, horseback riding on the Washington coast is an experience that you will not want to miss. With so many different choices for what to do in Ocean Shores, you can easily add this and many other activities to your itinerary for endless adventure within minutes of your cozy accommodations!