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Our Story

Our History

Built in 1969 and designed by the world-renowned architect Ralph Anderson, The Grey Gull is one of the longest continually operating hotels in Ocean Shores. Its distinctive soaring seagull shape makes this hotel a one-of-a-kind standout Washington’s favorite destination for a coastal getaway.

The Grey Gull Exterior
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Our Promise

For over fifty years, the Grey Gull hotel has been welcoming residents and travelers to the Washington coast. A community rich in history and culture, visitors come to Ocean Shores for much more than a beach vacation


Whether it's a  family vacation, romantic getaway or simply passing through the Grey Gull at Ocean Shores is your respite along the Washington shoreline.  

We believe a hotel is much more than just a place to sleep. Our commitment to every guest is to deliver an experience that is friendly, authentic, and hospitable.

We strive to be a home base for travelers so though you may be far from home, it never feels like it.

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