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waves crashing on rocks



The beaches in Ocean Shores, WA offer something special for every type of beachgoer.  Whether you're digging for clams, flying a kite, riding a horse along the shore, or taking in some of Washingtons' best sunsets you're sure to find a beach activity to please every member of your group.


Bike Trail

Want to explore Ocean Shores by bike?  When you visit consider renting an electric bike and take in the town's sites.  Or venture out on some of the best biking trails along the pacific ocean.


Sunset Fishing

Located on the Point Brown Peninsula, The Grey Gull is surrounded by gorgeous bodies of waters. So, if you’re looking for things to do in Ocean Shores, consider hitting up some Washington fishing hot spots. Anglers will love our diverse fresh and saltwater fishing offerings. Plus, you can take advantage of our fully-equipped kitchens to prepare your daily catch!

Explore Ocean Shores, WA


Horseback Riders on the Beach

Saddle up & go horseback riding in ocean shores.  There’s nothing quite like soaking in the Pacific Northwest’s beauty from a different vantage point. Go horseback riding in Ocean Shores during your stay at The Grey Gull. Embarking on an equine expedition provides an excellent opportunity to bask in stunning scenery and bond with loved ones.


Kites Flying in Cloudy Sky

Of all things to do in Ocean Shores, kite flying is loved by visitors and locals of all ages. Colorful kites of all shapes and sizes swirl through the blue sky above the beach in Ocean Shores, WA. Once known as Ocean Shores Kite Festival, the Grays Harbor Festival of Colors is located at a new spot off of Damon Road.


Seafood Pasta

With countless things to do in Ocean Shores, the last thing you want to do is prepare meals. When staying at The Grey Gull, you’ll be near many of the best seafood restaurants in Ocean Shores. Whether you’re looking for reasonably priced meals, upscale dining, or a social atmosphere, our team has suggestions that will please even your family’s pickiest eater! Get ready for the feast of a lifetime. 



Time and time again we share the same luxurious course: Ocean Shores Golf Course. Guests of all skill levels come back from their day on the tees, fairways, and greens with a smile on their face. We’re confident that both golf enthusiasts, and recruited caddies, will thoroughly enjoy themselves at the Ocean Shores Golf Course.


Kayaking at Sunrise

There’s no place quite like Ocean Shores in the late summer. On the warmest days of the year at our delightful peninsula harbor several outdoor adventures, from hiking and biking to swimming and boating. There are so many things to do in Ocean Shores this summer while you’re staying at The Grey Gull, it might be challenging to choose. Consider renting a kayak at Ocean Shores, WA, and discovering the best waterways in the area. 


clam digging

Celebrate our local beaches, bountiful seawater, and famous razor clam digs. The Ocean Shores Razor Clam festival boasts activities for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you plan to go clamming or enjoy the events hosted by local businesses, we guarantee you’ll have a great experience! 



Relive those golden days of childhood and treat the family to an Ocean Shores go-kart adventure near The Grey Gull. Luckily for you, an establishment with a fantastic racing course (and affordable rates!) is only a half-mile away from our resort in Ocean Shores. Challenge friends and family to a lively race—loser buys ice cream!


Fall Leaves

Selecting the best fall hikes in Washington and the best scenic drives in Washington has never been easier when using our leaf-peeping guide. There are countless parks, trails, and scenes to excite each of our Grey Gull guests. There’s no better place to snuggle up with your loved ones and watch Mother Nature work her magic than the stunning coasts of Ocean Shores, Washington. 


Funky Shirts

No matter your interests or budget, every visitor has something they enjoy shopping for. Perhaps you’re an avid biker, fashionista, art guru, or even a little kid at heart; you’ll find that the wide variety of Ocean Shores’ shops will have a store meant for you! Treat your family to a day of Ocean Shores’ shopping while staying at The Grey Gull. You’ll be shocked by the treasures you’ll find. 

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