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Your Beach Vacation Home.

A vacation home just a few steps away from the beach. The Grey Gull Hotel offers a unique revenue-sharing investment opportunity.  Build life-long family memories with regular beach vacations, and earn income on the days you're not visiting.  For more information, download our Ownership Inquiry Packet (pdf). 


studio unit

UNIT 312

$ 99,000

Third-floor studio with kitchenette and balcony.  Approximately 402 square feet.

Bill & Margie Borgert (Owner)


UNIT 104

$ 140,000

First-floor one bedroom unit with kitchen and pool access.  Approximately 600 square feet.

Ruth Tucker (Owner)


UNIT 306

$ 120,000

Third-floor one bedroom with kitchen, ocean view and balcony.  Approximately 600 square feet.

Lani Warren (Owner)

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